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Kwun Yam Temple (Monastery)
(Hong Kong)

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In Hong Kong Lantau island where the Hong Kong International Airport is located off the north west coast of the island.


Via MTR Tung Chung Line  to Tung Chung station, take Bus number 11 from bus terminal to Tai O, about 40 minutes ride to Kwun Yam Temple.  (Bus route map)

Use Oyster Card (transportation card) to pay for the bus-fare or have the right money, no change is  given.

Do inform the bus driver your destination is Kwun Yam Temple (In Cantonese is Kwun-Yam Gi), try to sit at the front part of the bus if you have a choice for the convenience to disembark. About half an hours ride, after passing the reservoir on the right-side, the bus goes up to the hill, after about five stops, inform the driver or ask fellow passengers for direction.

After disembarking, cross the road; walk towards Tai-O direction. When the font gate (photo below) comes into sight on the left hand-side, then cross to the other side of the road with care. About 5 minutes walk up the hill; followed by concrete steps leading up to the Temple compound.

Front Gate

Temple Compound

Temple office is situated on the right hand side at the top of the concrete steps. One can order Vegetarian lunch at the office.

A hall of Kshitgarbha Bodhisattva is located above the office building. (photo below)

Kshitgarbha Bodhisattva

Temple Compound

Main Temple Building

Thousand hands and eyes Kwun Yam Bodhisattva stands in the middle with 18 Arahats on both sides.

Main Temple

Thousand hands and eyes Kwun Yam Bodhisattva

Stairs are located at the back of the main temple that lead to the Buddha(s) Hall

Mantra in ancient Indian Sanskrit

Ancient Indian Sanskrit of Thousand hands and eyes Kwun Yam Mantra crafted in a bronze plate, firmly concreted to the side of an octagonal shaped stone pillar near the dinning hall. Be sure to bring along A4 white paper and pencil to brass-rub the image, as it is an unusual script that is difficult to locate elsewhere.


One can take bus no.21 from Kwun Yam Temple to Po Lin Temple. (bus no. 21 - last bus is about 4:30pm). 

Or by Taxi.

Bus route map