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GlossaryHistory of Buddhism Temples

The inspiration came from a friend regarding the Buddhism Books for which the idea for this






was born.

Early Buddhism was a way of alleviating the suffering of Sentient Beings, it is purely Education regarding the way of living. Here we would like to share the accumulated knowledge with everybody.

From our point of view, Buddhism is not a Religion or a Philosophy, Buddhist Teaching is about helping others, doing good-deeds, love & respect all sentient beings, perfecting ourselves, understanding, abstaining from "greed, hatred, and ignorance" ..etc.., that shows us the path to progress in attaining a better and serene life.

Religious bodies in this world also teach people similar caring, loving nature and helping others, which ultimately would lead an individual to perfection. Those who do not adopt any religion or teaching can also cultivate in their own WAY by not harming others and managing to abstain from negative activities in their daily lifestyle, which constitutes one of the 84,000 Ways to cultivate.

With modern technology, we will try our utmost best to upload Buddhism related books such as Sutras, depictions of Buddha(s), tit-bits from different Monks as well as short stories, in the hope all these will benefit and help those who would like to learn or want to get a deeper understanding of Buddhism in particular.

We would like to say "Thank you" to all our supporters for contributing their help in each and every way to make this possible.

Let all virtues and merits be shared by every Sentient Being.