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(About Ah-may-tall Fa)

About Ah-may-tall Fa (Amitabha)

Eons ago, a Buddha, Sai-kan-gee-joy-wong Yu-Loi, was preaching people and celestial beings to cultivate the Buddhist way. The king, Sai-hew-wong , was so enchanted by his teachings, that he gave up his throne to become a monk named, Far-chong, in his wish to cultivate as a Bodhisattva.

He asked his teacher, 
Sai-kan-gee-joy-wong Yu-Loi, to teach him all the Sutras and about the infinite number of Buddha's dominions, for such information will help him to plan his own Buddha-land:

"He will welcome every sentient being to cultivate and progress further to become a Buddha or Bodhisattva themselves and would make his Buddha-land so popular and famous that sentient beings would like to continue progressing in their next life".

He said to his teacher:
"If he would be able to achieve his goal?"

His teacher replied:
"Everything is possible, for example, should one try to measure the deep sea with a measuring-jug, one day, one will accomplish. SO, If you have made up your mind to achieve this goal and continue irrespective of any obstacles in the path, I am sure you will fulfill your target".

After eons had elapsed, he made 48 Vows that when he becomes a Buddha, he would carry out his 48 vows, otherwise he would not become one:-

(see 48 vows)

After all these vows, Far-Chong monk worked diligently to fulfill his wishes through eons, later became a Buddha known as:-

Ah-may-tall Fa (Amitabha)

His Buddha-land (Western Paradise or Pure-land) has treasures everywhere, such as gold, diamonds, emeralds etc, and full of happiness. 

Ah-may-tall Fa (Amitabha) welcomes anybody to be reborn in his Buddha-land, as long as people:-

Believe, concentrate on reciting his name with a dedicated heart, do good deeds without intend, make a vow…

By the time this person leaves this world, he will guide the individual soul to his Buddha-land to continue with the cultivation progress.