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(brief explanation in English)

Ah-may-tall Fa (Amitabha) and the Western Paradise (Pure Land).

Sutra:- Fa Suet Ah-may-tall King

This Buddha's land has treasures everywhere, such as gold, diamonds, emeralds etc, and full of happiness. Ah-may-tall Fa (Amitabha) welcomes anybody to be reborn in his Buddha land, as long as people:-

Believe, concentrate on reciting his name with a dedicated heart, do good deeds without intend, make a vow.....

By the time this person leaves this world, he will guide the individual soul to his Buddha-land to continue with the cultivation progress.

NOTE:- Do try to read other books to find out more.

16 different ways to achieve paradise (Western Paradise)

Sutra:- Fa Suet Kun-mo-leung-shau-fa King

Ah Tse Sai, the son of Pun Paw Saw Law (an Indian king), put his father in prison and left him there without food to die. But the Queen, Wai Tai Hei, spread honey and wheat on her arm to succor the king when she visited him.

When the son returned and discovered what had happened, he wanted to kill his mother but was persuaded by an advisor not to do such an evil act. The king and queen then prayed to Buddha Sakyamuni
to help.

The Queen asked Buddha Sakyamuni, if there was a place where they could be forever happy and was told of the Western Paradise, Buddha-land created by Ah-may-tall Fa (Amitabha) . The Queen asked the way to go there and was told of 16 different ways to achieve paradise.

NOTE:- Do try to read other books to find out more.

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The 48 vows of  "Ah-may-tall Fa" (Amitabha)

Sutra:- Fa Suet Tai-sing-mo-leung-shau-chong-yim-ching-chen-pin-ting-kok King

More than 12,000 people attended the gathering in Wong-tse-sing for Buddha's teaching. Many of those were Bodhisattva or Sainthood or came from different levels within the three boundaries – Desire Boundary, Color Boundary or Colorless Boundary.

The gathering was flooded with brilliant golden bright light produced by Buddha Sakyamuni , emanating positive energy to all quarters.

Follower, Ananda, asked Buddha why is the atmosphere so special today, and please tells us the best way amongst all the methods to cultivate and progress further.

Buddha Sakyamuni said:
Eons ago, a Buddha, Sai-kan-gee-joy-wong Yue-Loi , was preaching people and celestial beings to cultivate the Buddhist way. The king, Sai-hew-wong , was so enchanted by his teachings, that he gave up his throne to become a monk named, Far-chong , in his wish to cultivate as a Bodhisattva.

Far-chong asked his teacher:
Buddha, Sai-kan-gee-joy-wong Yu-Loi , to teach him all the Sutras and about the infinite number of Buddha's dominions, for such information will help him to plan his own Buddha-land:

"He will welcome every sentient being to cultivate and progress further to become a Buddha or Bodhisattva themselves and would make this Buddha-land so popular and famous that sentient beings would like to continue progressing in their next life".

"If he would be able to achieve his goal?"

His teacher replied:
"Everything is possible, for example, should one try to measure the deep sea with a measuring-jug, one day, one will accomplish. SO, If you have made up your mind to achieve this goal and continue irrespective of any obstacles in the path, I am sure you will fulfill your target".

After eons had elapsed, he made 48 Vows that when he becomes a Buddha, he would do the following, otherwise he would not become one:-

In his Buddha-land, there will be no hell, no hungry ghost, no animals, no insects or creepy-crawlies.

Sentient-beings would not need to return to the six-cycle realms and could progress further as a Buddha.

The body of Sentient-beings would produce a golden glow; 32 different good appearances like the Buddha and immaculate appearance.

All will have knowledge of their previous existence; have clairvoyance, clairaudience, telepathic abilities, divine speed travel to infinity, and within one thought, one can pay respect to other Buddhas in ten-quarters.

No one is different, only peace and tranquility will exist.

I will radiate a light to ten-quarters, which is a million times brighter than the sun and the moon, whoever sees the light will feel happy and do good-deeds, and will be welcome to live in my Buddha land in their next live.

I will exist forever, as will those living in his Buddha land.

The amount of beings in this Buddha-land cannot be quantified.

All Buddhas in the ten quarters will praise my name and introduce my Buddha-land to their followers.

I will welcome all sentient beings from the ten quarters, when they hear my name "Ah-may-tall Fa" (Amitabha) , believe and chanting my name with a dedicated heart, to do good-deeds and wish to be reborn in here. For those who could just only chant my name ten-times, I still will welcome them, except for those who have violated the Five-deadly Offences – Murdering father, mother, causing a Buddha to bleed, killing a Bodhisattva or an Arhat or disrupting the unity of the Sangha.

All sentient beings in the ten quarters, when they hear my name and then practice the way to attain Bodhisattva's status of supreme enlightenment for themselves and helping others, are welcome to live in my Buddha-land.

All sentient beings in the ten quarters, chanting my name at the end of their mortal life with a dedicated heart, I will come with other Bodhisattvas to welcome them.

I will welcome all sentient beings from the ten quarters, when they hear my name "Ah-may-tall Fa" (Amitabha) , genuinely repent all their past evil-deeds, wish to do good and dedicate their life to the Buddhist way.

There will be no more female; all will become the same gender in my Buddha-land.

I will help females from the ten quarters, when they hear my name "Ah-may-tall Fa" (Amitabha) , and for those who vow to change their gender for their next life and practice the Buddhist way.

All sentient beings in the ten quarters will be reborn from the Lotus Flower.

All sentient beings in the ten quarters, when they hear my name will feel happy, and when they practice the way to attain Bodhisattva's status will gain respect from others or they will reborn in a noble family with a healthy body in their next live or they will practice the Buddhist way in their next live.

There are only good-deeds, good-names in my Buddha-land.

In my Buddha-land, everybody will have the same aspiration; neither have worries nor sorrow, neither have envy nor greed.

Everybody will have an incorruptible spirit; also will be enveloped by a holy aura, wisdom and ability to teach others the Buddhist way.

Everybody will know how to convey the true meaning of this Sutra.

Everybody can carry out the duties of a Bodhisattva and become a Buddha themselves if they so wish.

I will help those already teaching in other quarters about his Buddha land.

There will be endless supply of items of sustenance and clothing.

They can do so, if one would like to pay respect to any Buddha in any quarter.

The spectrum of color, brightness, shape and mass is so immense that it cannot be calculated or perceived even for those with clairvoyance.

Regardless of their credit, people will clearly be aware of the countless colorful and ever-lasting shiny bright tall trees, varying in height from four thousand miles to forty thousand miles tall; Bodi-trees is about four millions miles tall, and one can observe all sentient beings in the ten quarters through the gap of the tree's branches, just like a reflection in a mirror.

Buddha-land is like a vast and immense place. It is clean and bright like a shiny mirror and can reflect other Buddha lands in the ten quarters.

Everything in here, from temples, buildings, gardens, rivers, ponds, trees etc are made from treasures such as precious metals and jewels. Everywhere is filled with a pleasant scent, which will help one to practice Buddhism.

Bodhisattvas from the ten quarters, when they hear my name, I will help them to attain their Buddha-hood's enlightenment, stay in the "Eighth Ground level of Bodhisattva", no longer confined in the life and death realms, will be happy, gain equality with Buddha and progress further without ever going backward.

After all these vows, Far-Chong monk worked diligently to fulfill his wishes through eons, later became a Buddha known as:-

"Ah-may-tall Fa" (Amitabha)

and created his Buddha-land (Pure Land)

"The Western Paradise"

*** Ten-quarters mean east, south, west. north, south-east, south-west, north-east, north-west, upper and lower directions.

Do try to read other books to find out more.

42 different questions

Sutra:-  42 Chapters Sutra

A group of non-Buddhist monks asked Buddha Sakyamuni , 42 different questions of which the answers helped them to understand more ways of cultivating as a monk and achieving enlightenment.

NOTE:- Do try to read other books to find out more.

The eight different ways that Buddha or Bodhisattva aware of...

Sutra:-  Pak-tai-yan-kok King

If one can understand and practice like the Buddha or Bodhisattva, one can become them.

The eight different ways that Buddha or Bodhisattva are aware of:-

1) Nothing lasts forever, but merely emptiness and illusionary.

2) Anxiety and greed will bring sorrow and bitterness.

3) Contentment.

4) Diligently cultivating

5) Increasing knowledge and wisdom by reading books and studying.

6) Doing charitable work without limitation.

7) Simple life style.

8) Helping others before thinking of oneself.

NOTE:- Do try to read other books to find out more.

Sutras Index

How to get out from the Hungry-ghost's realm?

Sutra:- Yue-lang-pu King

One of Buddha's followers, Mo-ken-lin , asked Buddha Sakyamuni to help his mother how to get out from the Hungry-ghost's realm.

Buddha said during the 15th day of the seventh lunar month , if one can donate food, clothes, fruits..ect to any monk, such virtue will benefit one's seven pervious lives parents including the present parents.

NOTE:- Do try to read other books to find out more.

Good and bad Karma

Sutra:- Fa-ting-jon-sing-tal-law-nei King

Once upon a time in heaven, Prince San Chu was happily enjoying his singing and dancing.

When one night he heard a voice, proclaiming that:-

"In seven days time Prince San Chu you will be reborn seven times in the form of ferocious animals. After that you will serve sentence by suffering different kinds of hell, then finally you will be reborn as a human being without eyes and in abject poverty."

Hearing these words brought terror and panic to Prince San Chu, then he rushed to seek the Jade Emperor to ask for his advice.

The Jade Emperor took him in turn to see Buddha Sakyamuni, for help.

Buddha told them this Sutra and asked Prince San Chu diligently to Chant with dedication and humility for several days to help him to clear his own debts (bad-deeds - Karma), which he had accumulated in his previous life(s).

Prince San-Chu's previous life:-

San Chu was born into a high-class family of good standing in India. His mother had to work hard to get food on the table, since his father died shortly after San Chu was born. One day he was hungry and yelled for his mother to give him food, but he got no reply.

He had earlier observed that Mothers in the Animal world seemed to exist only to look after the needs of their young. So when his mother eventually appeared he said: "Mum you are worse than the Animals", yet after his Mum had served him his food, he shared his food with a Monk who happened to be passing.

Later, he became a Monk in the Temple, when visiting Monks asked for some food, he replied by using foul language even saying to them that they must be blind…. etc.

It was due to the good-deeds (Cause) of Prince San-chu accumulated in his previous life that gained him entry to Heaven. But he just enjoyed his life without cultivation for further progress, then until his end of time-limit in heaven, and he was supposed to be reborn again in order to serve the effects of his bad-deeds before.

Cause and Effect

Cause:- (the good deeds) Prince San Chu sharing his food with a passing Monk.

Effect:- Earned him a place in Heaven.

Cause:- (the bad deeds) His foul language, cursing to his mum and the visiting Monks.

Effect:- He is being punished by being reborn as ferocious Animals, suffer different levels of hell and after that be reborn as a Human being without eyes and in abject poverty.


Whatever Good deeds or bad deeds (Cause) we did, will always have consequence (Effect). In other words what goes around comes around.

Doing good-deeds and helping others from the bottom of our hearts without intend will surely compensate for bad-deeds (karma) we did. Just like the Credit and Debit book.

Do try to read other books to find out more.

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The ultimate point

Sutra:- Kam-kong-pau-ye-po-law-mat King (Diamond Sutra)

Sui Po Tai (Buddha Sakyamuni' s follower) asked his teacher (Buddha Sakyamuni):

"How can people become a Buddha and stay at the ultimate point, and how can people overcome the desire in their heart for earthly possessions?"

Buddha Sakyamuni said:
If one wants to become a Buddha, one has to realize there is no reality in this world and all the things around you are merely illusions, it would not last forever.

A Buddha would never self pro-claim himself to be a Buddha or Bodhisattva but is known as such by his good deeds, helping people without intent with all his sincere heart.

There is a no ultimate point and learning is a continuous process within a loop that has no ending. Even a Buddha is part of this process and never ceases to learn.

NOTE:- Do try to read other books to find out more.

The meaning of Kun-sai-yin

Sutra:-  Po-moon-pin

Mo-chun-e Po Shat asked Buddha Sakyamuni ,

why Kun-sai-yin Po Shat (Avalokiteshvara) has been named as Kun-sai-yin ?

Buddha Sakyamuni said:

"Kuan" means Visualize.

"Sai-yin" means Universe sound.

When people chant his name, Kun-sai-yin Po Shat , he will help them to overcome their immediate danger.

He will also blend into whatever situation or a similar identity as those in order to guide them toward the Buddhism way.

NOTE:- Do try to read other books to find out more.

1000 thousands hands and eyes Kun-say-yin Po Shat (Avalokiteshvara)

Sutra:- Chin-shau-chin-ngan Kun-sai-yin Po Shat kong-tai-yuen-moon-mo-oi-tai-bei-sum-tor-law-nai King

Buddha Sakyamuni , was preaching about Kun-sai-yin Po Shat (Avalokiteshvara) in Pou-tor-lok-ka-shan Kun-sai-yin temple to countless Bodhisattva, Sainthood, Princes, and beings from different levels within the three boundaries - Desire Boundary, Color Boundary and colorless Boundary .

Buddha said:
Eons ago, Kuan-sai-yin Po Shat's teacher, Chin-kong-wong-cheng-G Yui Lai (Buddha) taught Kuan-sai-yin Po Shat this sutra and asked him to use the Mantra (within this Sutra), Tai-Bei-Chow , to help all sentient beings.

After hearing the Tai-Bei-Chow (Mantra) , Kun-sai-yin Po Shat was promoted from first ground to eighth ground of Bodhisattva-hood, and made a vow saying:

"If I can help and benefit all sentient beings, hope it will grant me to have thousand hands and eyes".

Thereafter, thousands hands and eyes were bestowed upon him".

Within this Sutra is the Tai-Bei Chow (Mantra) .

NOTE:- Do try to read other books to find out more.

Kun-sai-yin Po Shat (Bodhisattva) spent countless years diligently cultivating 

Sutra:-  Pa-ye-po-law-mat-dor-sum King / (Heart Sutra) / (Prajna Paramita Hrdaya Sutra)

Wisdom (Prajna) derives from Concentration (Paramita) in order to attain "enlightenment".

Kun-sai-yin Po Shat (Bodhisattva) spent countless years diligently cultivating self-realization. He realized that everything is not forever but is empty and illusory; why do we have to become attached to such temporary things?

Both Bodhisattvas and Buddhas follow this method to attain enlightenment.

At the end of this Sutra is the Mantra.

NOTE:- Do try to read other books to find out more.

Experience in searching for enlightenment

Sutra:-  Tai-fa-ding-shau-ling-yim King - Tai-sai-tsi Po Shat Lim Fat Yuen Tung Tseung

This chapter is from the Ling-yin King (Surangama Sutra), about Tai-sai-tsi Po Shat , talking about his experience in searching for enlightenment by: 

Concentrating on chanting and thinking of Buddha.

NOTE:- Do try to read other books to find out more.

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Conversation between monk "La-sin" and the a King "Nei-lan-tall-wong"

Sutra:-  La-sin-bei-yeo King

A long time ago in India, there were two friends from the upper class caste, one of them made a vow to help people, and the other vowed to become a King. 
A few lives later, both of them reincarnated, one as a monk known as "La-sin" , the other as a King, known as "Nei-lan-tall-wong" , from an Island near Greece.

This sutra is regarding the questions and answers between the two of them:-

The King asked:-

After humans die, can they jump over the circle of six-realms without re-incarnation again and again?

La-sin answered:-

Some may and some may not!
If someone clings on to material things, love and greed, then certainly they cannot jump over the circle.
But when one chooses to let go, then they can jump over the circle with ease.

The King asked:-

Why do some human beings have:
a long life,
some have a shorter life,
some have no limbs,
some are born without eyes,
some are intelligent,
some are not very bright,
some suffer ill health,
some are born with a silver spoon in their mouth,
others in poverty,
some good looking,
some ugly..etc............???

La-sin answered:-

Just like the fruit trees:
some fruits taste sweet,
some sour,
some are bitter,
some are like hot chili peppers.

La-sin asked:-

Why are all these trees different?

King answered:-

It is because of the different seeds we plant in the first place!

La-sin said:-

Yes, it is because of different deeds in each human being’s previous life (resembling the seeds we plant - either good or bad). This is the reason why some have a long life, some a short life…etc.

These are the effects that we have caused previously, which are all recorded in our Credit & Debit book.

The King asked:-

How and which is the way to progress?

La-sin answered:-

Doing Charitable works (good-deeds) is the way to progress.

Just like when a wall is at a stage of collapse in a house, if it had been repaired earlier then the house would have been saved.

If you invade another country, and realize that you do not have enough soldiers in your army, then reinforcement is a must in order to win the battle.

Human beings have evil-thoughts within that hinder our advancement; just like do not have enough armed forces; in this case, one needs to do good-deeds and charitable works to overcome or compensate the bad and evil deeds.

Repairing the house, reinforcement of the army or charitable works are the ways to progress.

NOTE:- Do try to read other books to find out more.

The Vow of Earth Treasury Bodhisattva / Kshitgarbha / Di-chong Po Shat: 

Sutra:-  Di-chong Po Shat Pui Yuen King

Countless Sentinel Beings and Celestial Beings from ten-quarters including Buddha(s), Bodhisattva(s), Kings of the Ghost, Tree deities, River deities, Mountain deities, Earth deities etc...etc, gathered together in Trayastrimsha (second level of Heaven) for the preaching by Buddha Sakyamuni to his mother about Di-chong Po Shat.

Buddha Sakyamuni said:

Di-chong Po Shat made a vow countless Kalpas before:-

*** When hell is empty, then I will become a Buddha.

That means he will help Sentinel Beings from the Six-realms to happiness and away from sorrow, except those who have committed:-

"Five deadly offences" (Panchanantaryani):-

1) Killing their parents or others.
2) Causing Buddha to bleed.
3) Killing Arhat.
4) Stealing Monastery's property.
5) Pretending to be a monk to con people, causing disruption to unity of the Monastery, temple or Sangha (monks).

Due to different bad-deeds, different hells were created. 
In chapter six, Di-chong Po Shat mentioned some of the hells' names and in what weakness to enter into.

The following are some of the ways he will help Sentinel Beings to happiness and away from sorrow.

1) When Sentinel Beings shout out his name "Di-chong Po Shat", any Buddha's name, Bodhisattva's name, or chanting Sutra or Mantra before entering into the "Three evil destinies" such as the animals, the hungry ghost and the hells, Di-chong Po Shat will retrieve them from the "Three evil destinies" to a happy land.

2) When the virtues of Celestial Beings are running out, the five ugly appearances gradually appear and will be entering into the "Three evil destinies", if Celestial Beings pay respect to Di-chong Po Shat, their virtues will increase, and do not have to fall into to the "Three evil destinies."

3) Vegetarian day on the day when people are born or die, will add good credit to the dead and to the newborn.

4) Within 49 days, after a person dies, if their relatives do good-deeds or charity by using that person's money and chanting Buddha's name, Di-chong Po Shat name, chanting Sutra or Mantra on behalf of the dead, this will help to add virtues to them. The virtues will be shared between the ones who do the virtues for the dead in a ratio of 7:1; the dead will only receive one part.

5) The most important of all, when a person is alive, it is better to do more good-deeds, respect all the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas..etc, then we could pocket all the virtues. If one has more virtues, then we will not be in "Three evil destinies" during the next life.

6) Sentinel Beings will receive 28 different virtues if one does good-deeds, respect Di-chong Po Shat with flowers, incense, chanting sutra etc.

7) Celestial Beings will have seven different virtues if one respects Di-chong Po Shat and chanting this Sutra.

NOTE:- Do try to read other books to find out more.

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Samantabhadra's (Po-yin Po Shat) Ten Beneficence Aspirations

Sutra:-  Tai-fong-kwong-fat-wai-yim King Po-yin Po Shat Tsing Hung Pun

Kumara Sudhana asked Po-yin Po Shat about the exalted merits and virtues of the Buddhas.

Po-Yin Po Shat said:

There are Ten grand Beneficence Aspirations to practice and pursue.

1. Respect all Buddhas with all your heart.

2. Recognize Buddha's goodness.

3. Give your best when paying respect to Buddha.

4. Repent all bad deeds and evil doings.

5. Carry out all charitable deeds without hesitation.

6. Pray to Buddhas to keep turning the Dharma wheel.

7. Pray to Buddhas that if they wish for Nirvana they should remain in this world for the benefit of all sentient beings.

8. Constantly be responsive to Buddhas' teaching.

9. Be sympathetic and in accord with all sentient beings.

10. Dedicate all your merits to all sentient beings.

NOTE:- Do try to read other books to find out more.

12 vows of Yok-shi-lau-lei-kwong Yue Loi (Medicine Buddha / Bhaisajyaguru)

Sutra:- Yok-shi-lau-lei-kwong Yue Loi Pun Yuen Kung Tak King (Medicine Buddha)

Yok-shi-lau-lei-kwong Yue Loi made 12 vows when he was a Bodhisattva before he attained the stage of Buddha-hood.

When he becomes a Buddha.....

1. His body will produce light, radiating to endless space. All Sentient Beings will have the same appearance as his.

2. His body will shine like a Blue colored treasure stone, clear, pure and bright, penetrating even to the darkest area, in order to help those to understand.

3. He will give wisdom to all sentient beings and ensure they should not lack the tools to achieve their objectives.

4. He will guide bad people on to the right path.

5. He will make every effort to help all those who remembered and chanted his name (Yok-shi-lau-lei-kwong Yue Loi), gradually to progress toward Buddha land.

6. He will help those suffering from disabilities who remembered and chanted his name, gradually to resolve all their problems.

7. He will help the poor, the sick and homeless who remembered and chanted his name, to overcome their problems.

8. Any woman not satisfied being feminine should become a man in her next life if she remembered and chanted his name.

9. He will protect everybody from evil or danger and help them keep to the right path if they remembered and chanted his name.

10. He will guide the prisoners on the right path if they remembered and chanted his name.

11. Those persons who were poor and needy for food and doing evil deeds in order to get their needs, will be guided on the right path if they remembered and chanted his name.

12. Those with no clothes who remembered and chanted his name will be clothed.

NOTE:- Do try to read other books to find out more.

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