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Tit-bits Index

Ultimate Point (from the Diamond Sutra)

The learning path is like a piece of rope with the two ends joined together forming a loop; anybody who jumps into the loop at any point can join in the cultivation process, for the loop has no beginning nor ending, hence there is no ultimate point and even a Buddha has to continue to progress.

Until Old

Learn till old, work till old, there is no dead-end road.


Use others good experiences for our information.

Use others success as our examples to implement our dreams.

Use the misfortune of others as example not to do the same.


Waste of time, waste of energy, and waste of life.

If one continues to do something meaningless, one will feel exhausted without leaving enough energy to do other meaningful tasks. What a waste of life

Wealth and Destitution

Wealth is through industrious effort.

Laziness can only lead to destitution.

Tit-bits Index

What is forever?

There is no such thing as "forever":

Can we be young and beautiful forever;

Can we stay the same age forever;

Can we live free of sickness forever? ……etc…etc.

Without doubt nothing is 'forever', why not do more good-deeds, helping others from the bottom of our heart, such credits will be recorded in each individual credit and debit book.


Willing to learn and to work makes one a capable person.


Self-knowledge is the beginning of all wisdom, only if one knows oneself; one can begin to acquire more knowledge and as a result have the wisdom.


Under appropriate situation, sometimes something should be left unspoken, in order to avoid disaster from happening. 

Do consider the emotional feelings of others.


Wrong-doing can be transformed to do better, but a wrong heart can be a mammoth task to rectify.

Young at Heart

An old man said: "I cannot control my appearance, but I can refuse to grow up!"

Experiences can only be increased, as time goes by, regardless of success or failure, both are considered as experiences, which is precious to oneself and society. We all have our own specialty and are extraordinary regardless of age.

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder; hence one should not be bothered by what others might say about an individual's appearance as long as one is feeling comfortable and happy with the way things are.

One of the most important things in life is to be your own natural self and be happy to live life the way you choose to be rather than trying to be like others. It is more important to have a healthy body and positive soul rather than suffering at the consequences of others' opinions.

Appearance is nothing, why worry? Inside, we are all the same; well, to be young at heart is the best medicine of all. Be happy!