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Talk is cheap, implementation is reality.

Teaching & Scolding

Teaching - The methods of teaching have to vary according to the individual's ability, since everybody has different levels of absorption on any subject. Do not have high expectation when teaching others!

Scolding - Do not to be so hard when scolding others; you must take their feelings into consideration.

That is life!

Every minute is a sunrise.

Every challenge is an opportunity.

Every bad situation or failure is an experience.

Every good-deed is a good-beginning.

The Best

Peace is the best amongst all happiness.

Tranquility is the best amongst all enjoyment.

The Elderly

We have to respect and learn from our elders, for they are the most experienced people on earth. They accumulated knowledge throughout their life that mere books cannot convey.

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Think of others feeling

Do not ever belittle others, we must think of their feelings. We will feel great in heart when we are humble; this is the beginning of understanding.

Tit-bits Index

Three Hearts (From Diamond Sutra)

Three Hearts are referred to: -

"Past heart, Present heart and Future heart".

"Heart" means thinking or moment.

Past Heart - How to define "Past"? Say a minute ago you walked into the house and made a cup of tea, when the tea is ready, the making tea moment is considered a "Past Moment"!

Present Heart - What is present? The moment you make tea is considered "Present", but once tea is ready, and then the making tea moment is past. Where is the "Present"?

Future Heart - Situations change all the time, how could one foresee the future?

All situations are merely temporary, why cling on to such moments?


Buddha, Bodhisattvas or Arahat are the titles, where one attains different levels of enlightenment.

There are 41 levels of Bodhisattvas and 4 levels of Arahat..etc, similar to a Doctorate, Masters degree, Bachelors Degree, Diploma...etc. There is no supreme level of Buddha-hood.

In the Diamond sutra- Buddha (Siddhatta Shakyamuni) said there is no ultimate point to achieve Buddha-hood. There is no fixed way to attain such level, there are 84,000 different ways; each and every way leading to the target.

To be meek

There is no harm done if one treats oneself as a meek person, then one will appreciate the well being of others.

To know someone

To know someone is not easy, but to understand someone is even harder.

Treasure our life

Buddha picked up a handful of sand and said to his follower Ah Lan:

"This handful of sand is equal to the number of humans on this earth. That means we better treasure being human beings, which enables us to easily accumulate credits, just cultivate and progress further. Animals only know how to sleep, dream and eat, what else can they do?"