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Tit-bits Index

Sand or Pearl

Picking up a handful of sand and throwing it back on the sand-pile, definitely no body can pick up that particular handful of sand from the sand-pile. However when a pearl being thrown onto the sand-pile, it can be picked up without any trouble.

It is a personal choice whether one wants to be a handful of sand or a pearl, in other words, from being an ordinary person to being an extraordinary one. Nobody can help you through this preference but yourself. Try to build up a good foundation, accumulate experiences and knowledge as well as doing good-deeds from the bottom of your heart, certainly one will be able to change into a bright pearl.


Just like people drinking hot water, the acceptance of the temperature is different, only the person concerned can know what they could accept.

We should all know what we are doing, either good or bad.

Say excessive alcohol could damage our liver, advice from others will never be accepted till the self-realization clicks-in, then one will realize the consequences.


The cause and effect are just like shadows following an individual.

Good effect follows good cause and bad effect follows bad cause.

This is the personal choice for doing good or bad consequences.

Short Cut

Short cuts may be a speedy, convenient and the economic way to achieve targets or objectives. Does it really work?

The past experiences, the basic knowledge and good foundation are the major factors contributing to any success.

For any achievement, people have gone through painstaking experiences; burned lots of the mid-night oil, gone through the ups and downs as well as failures.

There is no short cut at all!

One inch of hard work will receive one inch in return.

Without hard work there will be no return.

It is as simple as that.

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Sickness and Troubles

Sickness is imbibed through the mouth.

Troubles emanate from the mouth.

Similar Characteristic

It is difficult to change someone to be exactly like our own character, unless two of "myself" are co-existing in this world. Is it possible?

The characteristics of individuals are entirely different, it is pointless to influence others to adapt to our likening, lifestyles, characters etc.

Six Sectors

1) Heaven - consist of 28 levels; one requires the appropriate virtues and merits to enter into different levels.

e.g. The first level is for the heavenly guards, angels, four heavenly kings…etc, one day equals 50 years of our human earth time.

2) Asuras - They have bad tempers and like to flight. They are either good or bad. Most of them protect Buddhism.

3) Human

4) Hungry Ghosts

5) Animals

6) Hell

Human beings reincarnate amongst the six sectors, Buddha(s) always advise us to go beyond these six sectors, entering into Buddha-land to continue cultivating where there is no greed, hatred or ignorance.

For Amitabha's Buddha-land (Western Paradise) and any other Buddha-lands are all located beyond the Six-sectors, and no reincarnation occurs unless the individual wishes to return to help others.

Tit-bits Index


Desires can indirectly turn us into a slave for materialistic world.

Mega rich individual would like to become super-rich.

Others would pursuit the latest luxurious gadgets.

Some may be after a mega big house…etc.

All these endless excessive desires would not necessary bring true happiness in life.

However 'Life Contentment' brings true happiness.

Small Thing

Accumulation drop of water may one day turn to become an Ocean.

Young children need to be taught and explained when doing trivial bad-deed or bad manners; all such deeds and negative manners should not be overlooked and ignored. Having good manners and good deeds will always benefit the children in their future life.


Giving a speech is not trying to glorify one-self,

but to inspire the listeners.


Everybody's standard is different; we cannot impose on others to have the same standards as we do.

Self-realization and self-judgment could improve further or get worse of any standard, it all depends on the individual's choice.

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Stepping Back

Take a step backwards and we can see the wider scene.

In other words, when we are angry, just step back and think, we could see thing from a different angle.

Success and Failure

Failures are the lessons to success; when we fall down, just stand up, and learn from mistakes.

Success is the result of the gradual accumulation of failure experiences as well as hard work.


Suspicion is natural.

Not being suspicious is being foolish.