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Tit-bits Index

Mean and broad-minded

Mean people do not have lots of friends

Broad-minded person can win people's heart.

Meditation and living

Meditation will open one’s inner mind.

Living should be a joy and relaxation.

Tit-bits Index

Middle Attitude

Cycle of Life has its Ups and Downs like a graph. No one will stay at the top or the bottom forever. Adopting a "Middle Attitude" approach is the motto.

Consider tuning of a musical instrument as an example:

If the strings are too tight or too loose, the sound will not be right. Ideal sound can only be achieved when the instrument is tuned to the appropriate level.

** That is life! **


Making mistake is not the problem, the big problem is that one cannot acknowledge and accept the mistake, as long as we can rectify and admit the mistake, then there will be no problem.

A brave person will admit the mistake, be regretful and gain experience from it, otherwise one will be tortured having such dark-shadows hanging over one's shoulder for the rest of one’s life.


In our daily life, misunderstanding is a norm, one says something, and the other thinks it means something else; even though when people talk to each other face to face; misunderstanding is still happening.

Knowing and seeing are still not enough for one to understand fully the real story behind any events. Sometimes, we need to put ourselves into their shoes and walk a few miles.

A person lying on the floor with blood all over him, another person is standing next to him with a frightened look (who may not be the guilty party). Normally one will judge or draw a conclusion based on what one sees! That could be wrong!

When one is laughing and the other one is crying with tears.

Who is really happy and who is sad?

Maybe one of the solutions is to clarify with the involved party when one is in doubt.

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Everybody has an active, wild and uncontrollable "monkey" in their heart. As times go by, we will find ways to control it to become more respectful & mature.

** This is life! **

Move On

When people lost something, they will feel so depressed and gloomy, just like wearing dark sunglasses seeing the world; everything seems dark and gray.

But what we do not realize, we have more treasures in hand than the ones we have lost. We should treat such loss as just part of our lifecycle, maybe that was a good experience for our future life.

Life must continue, untangle what you have lost, treasure the present, and then we should feel happier.

On the other hand, greed always contributes to the downfall in life. Just treasure what you have.

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No pain no gain

Success is the end result of study, hard work, worry and learning from all the unsuccessful experiences.

For sure, there is no such thing as a short cut in life.

Normal Life-cycle

Life is always full of happiness and bitterness - in other words normal.

Success and failure are part of our life - that is equal and ordinary.

To be born and to die is natural.

Tit-bits Index

Nothing is forever

Gradually white hairs appear; one after another.

Facial skin starts to wrinkle into furrows like railway-lines; side-by-side.

Walking becomes noticeably more sluggish, step-by-step.

The body starts aching all over and teeth go missing one by one…etc..etc

So for sure, nothing remains in a permanent state forever; change is inevitable.

That’s life, everybody will go through similar procedures regardless of being rich or poor; one day, when the time comes to crossover to the other place, the only thing we can carry is our debit and credit books plus our knowledge.

Hey! How about my money, house, jewellery etc etc.

Sorry to say, you have to leave them behind.

So try to do more good deeds to accumulate more credits, and to acquire more knowledge till the last breath. Then you will not have wasted your time and effort spent living as a human being.

Normal, equal and humble

Normal heart and equal attitude treat every one as well as everything, not to mention unlimited humbleness.

Tit-bits Index

Ocean Heart

Mixing a pinch of salt into a glass of water, the taste is salty no doubt. But if this amount of salt is dropped into an ocean, the taste won’t be that salty after all.

Imagine if our heart is just like an ocean, the taste of life is sometimes bitter, sweet, sour, full of anger, jealousy, insult ...etc, such uneasy taste can disappear without trace after mixing into our ‘big ocean heart’.

So, forget, forgive and forgotten are the essence in life, the bigger the heart we have, the better easy life we will have. Life is too short.

One Step one Foot-print

After schooling, we have to utilize our utmost energy and determination to find a job; nowadays it is wise to get into a society first, make a tiny small foot-print and progress from there. Try not to be arrogant if you have higher educational qualification than others, so what, it is only experience that counts.

Without taking a step out, there will be no footprint, regardless of a big step out or just an inch out, we are already moving from our original position.

When you are older, just look-back on your footprints, which are all your accumulation of experiences and hard work. How nice!


Waiting for opportunity to knock on your door that may never come.

The ideal way is to create or search for opportunity.

Ordinary and Extraordinary

All people have both ordinary and extraordinary characteristics.

Those who manifest their extraordinary characteristics such as scientists, artists or philosophers work to pass on their knowledge or creations to ordinary people in order they can realize their own extraordinary characteristics.

Ordinary and extraordinary people all live and work in the same world and each person should be able to find his/her talents from ordinary life.

Our Heart

Buddha is in our heart, it just requires us to realize their existence, and there is no need to search from far and wide.

Just need removing those layers of cover within our heart, and then we will be able to discover clearly the existence of our own treasure, Buddha.