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Knowing some one is easy, but to understand them is a different matter.

Often, we jump to conclusions when, we have only heard part of the story, then our judgment will be clouded with "misunderstanding", followed by anger, unhappiness and sadness.

Why not input the whole story, understand and analyze it with your heart, then put yourself into other people's shoes before deriving to any conclusion.

This technique will help us tenfold to thread our way in our daily life and lead us to a right path of success.

** Why not? **

Knowing and doing

Learning, diligently to gain wisdom and hard work are the basic factors toward success or failure.

There are no short cuts. Learning is a must!

Knowing, not knowing, doing, and not doing always surround our whole life.

In other words, we choose our own destiny; the outcome is in our own hands.

Knowing it and doing it. You are capable.

Knowing it but not doing. You are useless.

Not knowing but still doing. You are stupid.

Don't know; don't do. You are hopeless.

Knowing, seeing and understand

Gossiping is quite often only attached to knowledge without facts or logic, the subject matters are only conveyed via third parties, newspaper etc., so nobody knows whether it is 100% true or not.

Knowing and seeing are still not enough, there is always a real reason behind things that we need to understand! So, we should put ourselves into their shoes.

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One has to be familiar with the boundary knowledge of oneself.

If we know what we do not know, then gain knowledge of what we do not know, that will help to better one.

But if one thinks that we know everything already, that means they do not know themselves.

Continue acquire knowledge and one will realize just how little we know.


Manfred said:

Life is like a chicken ladder, full of chicken shit, the higher you climb up the ladder, the more slippery it gets. Suddenly you fall off the top to the messy bottom. Oh! Oh!

As long as you pick yourself up and do not give up! Just start all over again.

Well! This is life! No harm done!

Tit-bits Index

Learning limit

There is no maximum amount of knowledge for one to take-in, we learn until the last day of our earthly existence.

Learning from school, books and others good things in order to compensate for our shortcomings, these are some of the ways to acquire knowledge throughout our life.

However we need to learn about good practices as well as what is bad, so that we can differentiate between the good and evil.

Knowledge is the only thing that we can carry over to our next life.

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Let it be

Let it be in any environment or circumstance, so that neither sorrow nor happiness interferes with one's life.

Letting go

We like, we do not like, having a broken heart, being unhappy, seeking more wealth, grief..etc..etc, all brings us sadness, depression, misery, unhappiness and worry, without mention the damage it could cause to our health.

Just relax, remove our dark-glasses and see things farther, analyst situation with our wisdom, letting go of all that is unnecessary; surly one will find peace, harmony and happiness at the end.

Life cycle

Birth, growing old, sickness and ultimately death is a life cycle applying to every living being, regardless of status of health or wealth.

One has to go through such a path without doubt, but it is better to try achieving a better self, helping others without intend, do more good-deeds, learn the good things from others, acquire more knowledge etc. By the time when we cross-over, we will carry a good book to continue our journey.

So, if we all understand, death is not a sad subject at all. We are only temporarily dwelling in this world, when our lease has expired, we all have to leave and all enter via the same entrance to our next destiny regardless of race or religion. Why not make peace with everyone, let bygones be bygones, be kind to the environment, try to work together to help each other, respect each other etc.

For sure, this world will become a better place to live in and our life cycle this time is worthwhile and much more meaningful.