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Half a bed

Regardless of poverty or riches, one can only sleep on half a bed. Why be greedy, for sure, we cannot carry our wealth to the next life, no such transaction of T.T. fund; to your next life bank account via Bank. Why not utilize our wealth to help the poor, the old, the needy etc.

Half a Bottle

After education on some levels, the bottle of knowledge is still only part filled, then level of knowledge rises again when we start to work in society, sound experience can only be acquired through actual practices accumulated during a working life, which includes successes and failures.

Some people only have partly filled the bottle of knowledge or are only familiar with theory, however this does not mean that they can be recognized as an expert.

Surely, one should know and must have experience before being placed in any important post, but not just for only being all mouth.

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Hard Work

Hard work will bring rewards.

Hatred and Sorrow

Hatred will bring heartache and sorrow. If one keeps feeling hatred and sorrow, one will not have a peaceful and meaningful life. Why should one continue to carry such burden all their Life?


Genuine, passionate, love and respectful heart(s) will help us go a long-way, if this world is full of such heart(s); it will be a peaceful paradise on earth.


Do not show off our expertise to belittle others, always be humble.

Humble (2)

If one only knows little, but already behaves with arrogance and a loudmouth, it resembles a balloon with an empty stomach.

Yet one that knows a lot, they are normally humble, calm, and respectful of others and never show off.


Objective is only the dream of success, but implementation is the path to success.


The trend of society tends to respect the outer appearances rather then the person himself or herself, the more branded-items you wear, the better reception you will get; their face value can not determine an individualís character and their nature.

Actually, the inner-self is more important than any packaging and outer feature; kindness and beauty are just concealed within our heart.

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