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Tit-bits Index

Famous and Wealth

No matter how famous you become, at the end of the lifetime, it will seem like a dream.

Having mega amounts of money, still cannot escape the two words: "Nothing forever".

Follow Blindly

Copying or learning what other people do and say seems like a trend. If one is following blindly, just like "what simple Simon said!"

No doubt, good example is good, but we should think before engaging in any deed, to regret after realizing the action was a bad deed, that will be too late.

So, good-examples must be set and taught especially to the young kids.

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To forgive is better to tolerate.

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Buddha said:

"A solid foundation is the important part of the building, without it, the building will collapse. This is just like our life; we need a solid base of knowledge, before we can progress to higher level in all walks of life."

Short-cut or fast result is what the people would like to have when doing any project or work, but without a good foundation, it cannot survive a major impact.

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Four Seasons

Spring, summer, autumn and winter, which is the best season?

Actually, no worry is the best season amongst the seasons.

Free Lunch

Nothing ventured, nothing gained; hence as long as one is prepared to graft and put in extra effort to see the plan through, the prize is waiting at the end of the finishing line.

There is no such thing as a free lunch.

Frog in the well

Imagine the limited size of the sky that the frog lives in the well can see.

Why not jump out and see the bigger sky?

In another word:

More learning and traveling will definitely help to open our mind and eyes.

Generation gap

Significant difference in age between two people is normally referred to as a generation gap.

Actually, there is no such thing as a generation gap; but rather due to people's disagreements, communication break-down, no respect for each other, different points of view, dislike for each other etc, all these could happen to an individual regardless of age, culture, or beliefs.

This is one of human's sicknesses dislike or hatred. Why not take a step back, learn to love a little as well as harmonize with others, then what will follow is that such uncomfortable gap or say any hatred should disappear without trace.

Get and Give

When you are a baby you cry to Get food; when you are a school child you yearn for knowledge and Get education.

When you leave school you need to earn a living and Get a job. Then you have to Give your knowledge and expertise to survive; as life goes on you learn how to Give more to other people or the charity.

By the end of your life you have to Give all you have accumulated from Getting because you cannot carry your belongings and wealth into the next life.

Give Away

We are the one to choose and control our own future or destiny either we will experience, wealth or poverty later.

Good-deeds are to give away; good returns come back. Bad-deeds return when we give away bad. Just like an echo wall.

There is no point to weep over our poverty and bitter life, but we can change our destiny by giving away; such as doing good-deeds. Poverty will turn into wealth.

But wealth also can turn into poverty when one chooses to do bad-deeds.

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Good day

There is a saying: "every day is a good day, every year is a good year!"

One should understand that problems, obstacles and ups & downs are all just part of the human life cycle everyone must experience. Whenever problems and obstacles arise, we should try our very best to sort out any difficulties, accept this is part of the path in our life and all our worries should disappear without trace.

Then why worry! Certainly, not all the roads are dead-ends.

If we could treat each day as a good day and each year as a good year, then our life will be become more meaningful and happier no matter what happens.

Remember "Rainbow and blue sky are always come after heavy rain"!

Good deed and Bad deed

There is no "small or big" Good Deed, just do it without hesitation.

A Bad Deed is "bad deed" no matter how "small or big". Why do it?

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Good or Bad time

Use an ordinary heart to welcome either bad or good time, then what is a bad or good time?

In other words, don't be so happy when you are having a good time, that good moment won't last forever, just well prepare when the bad time arrives.

During the bad time, we have to adopt the fighting spirit to overcome the bad situation in order to sail through the rough time. No bad time will last forever either.

Just adopt medium attitude to every situation, then everyday will be a good day.