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Being born, old age, sickness and death are parts of our life cycle. One does not really die, only our old cloth or say our ageing physical body is just getting into an irreparable stage; our soul just moves on to other place.

When one is born, comes with nothing, when passing away, we cannot carry anything to other place, except our good and bad deeds, such as a credit and debit book.

In other words, doing more good-deeds without intent will accumulate more credits. Why not!

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The higher the expectation; the greater the disappointment.


Less attachment will gain valuable time towards cultivation to oneís mind, why not!

Do Good-deeds without Intent

If one always has benefited and helping others without intent, then one will receive benefit or help from others when one is needed without request.


Life is just like a dream; upon death we had a dream.

In our dream, we were a wealthy person, but when awakened we were actually a poor creature as poor as a church-mouse.

We dreamed the same dream everyday, dreaming, dreaming.

If we do not wake up and realize that it is only a dream; and it tries to warn you to work hard in real life, otherwise one will waste the warning of the dream.


Dream, donít just dream, dream this and that, at the end, it is only a dream.

Dreams need to be put into practice, otherwise it is still a dream, until the day we die, and it is just a life with a dream.

When one dies, one did had a dream; either good or bad, excited or boring, with successful achievements or failures or even nothing happening, that were all our chosen choices in life.

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Emptiness (from Diamond Sutra)

What is "Emptiness"?

Just imagine, one is having to complete 30 mathematic calculations, where the first two answers are required to answer the third parts to derive the results, and the process becomes more complex as one continues to attempt the rest of the calculations; perhaps using the tenth answer for the twentieth question and so on, until one manages to solve the last part of the calculation.

When one reaches such a moment, one suddenly feels relieved merely for a split second which is known as Emptiness. But such feeling is only momentary for one still has other things to attain as one continues to progress forward.


No matter how insignificant any being is, they are still important and useful in their own way, and no one is superior.

Everybody has their own specific way and talent; for sure nobody can live on this earth alone. If there are no dustmen, rubbish will be everywhere; without farmers there will be no food for people to eat, if there is no soil, trees cannot grow etc.

In this world, everybody compliments each other in their special way, everybody is important; we should work together to create a peaceful world.

It is a rare chance to become a human being; we should do more good deeds and do not waste our lifetime but fully utilize what we are.

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Ever lasting Banquet

There is no ever-lasting banquet, it is better to treasure and appreciate every moment when having reunions with family or gatherings with friends. Just be happy!


One day, a woman said to her husband:

"Regardless of how hot the food is, you always eat too fast, so what is the rush?"

Husband replies:

"My great-great grandfather, grandfather and even my father always ate in this manner, Iím sure, this is the right way to do!"

Moral of the story

Children always learn what others do, and from otherís behavior, they do not know whether it is right or not. A good example must be set in order to guide them to adopt better manners.


Always consider others' existence, and then we can attain peace and harmony in this society.