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(About Earth Treasury Bodhisattva also know as Di-chong Po Shat)


Earth Treasury Bodhisattva also know as Di-chong Po Shat

Di-chong Po Shat made a vow countless Kalpas (time) before:-

"When hell is empty, then I will become a Buddha".

That means he will help Sentinel Beings from the Six-realms to happiness and away from sorrow, except those who have committed:-

"Five deadly offences" (Panchanantarya Karma):-

1) Killing their parents or others.

2) Causing Buddha to bleed.

3) Killing Arhat

4) Stealing Monastery's property.

5) Pretending to be a monk to con people, causing disruption to unity of the Monastery, temple or Sangha (monks).

Due to different bad-deeds, different hells were created. In chapter six, Di-chong Po Shat Sutra, mentioned some of the hells' names and in what weakness to enter into.

The following are some of the ways he will help Sentinel Beings to happiness and away from sorrow.

1) When Sentinel Beings shout out his name "Di-chong Po Shat", any Buddha's name, Bodhisattva's name, chanting Sutra or Mantra before entering into the "Three evil destinies" such as the animals, the hungry ghost and the hells, Di-chong Po Shat will retrieve them from the "Three evil destinies" to a happy land.

2) When the virtues of Celestial Beings are running out, the five ugly appearances gradually appear or will be entering into the "Three evil destinies" such as the animals, the hungry ghost or the hells, but if they pay respect to Di-chong Po Shat, their virtues will increase, and do not have to fall into to the "Three evil destinies."

3) Vegetarian day on the day when people are born or die, this will add good credit to the newborn and to the dead.

4) Within 49 days, after a person dies, if their relatives do good-deeds or charity by using that person's money and chanting Buddha's name, Di-chong Po Shat name or chanting Sutra on behalf of the dead, this will help to add virtues to the dead. The virtues will be shared between the ones who do the virtues for the dead in a ratio of 7:1; the dead will only receive one part. 5) The most important of all, when a person is alive, it is better to do more good-deeds, respect all the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas..etc, then we could pocket all the virtues. If one has more virtues, then we will not be in "Three evil destinies" during the next life.

6) Sentinel Beings will receive 28 different virtues if one does good-deeds, respect Di-chong Po Shat with flowers, incense, chanting sutra etc.

7) Celestial Beings will have seven different virtues if one respects Di-chong Po Shat and chanting this Sutra.

NOTE:- Do try to read other books to find out more.