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(About 1000 hands & eyes Kun-sai-yin Po Shat)


About 1000 hands & eyes Kun-sai-yin Po Shat

Eons ago, Kun-sai-yin Po Shat's teacher, Chin-kong-wong-cheng-G Yui Lai (Buddha) taught Kun-sai-yin Po Shat about Tai-be-chow (mantra) and asked him to use the Mantra, to help all sentient beings.

After hearing the Tai-Bei-Chow (Mantra) , Kun-sai-yin Po Shat was promoted from first ground to eighth ground of Bodhisattva-hood, and made a vow saying:

"If I can help and benefit all sentient beings, hope it will grant me to have thousand hands and eyes".

Thereafter, thousands hands and eyes were bestowed upon him.

Note: The picture of Kun-sai-yin Po Shat was man's face before, but change to woman's appearance later by the artists.