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(About Avalokiteshavra -Kun-sai-yin Po Shat)


About Avalokiteshavra  (Kun-sai-yin Po Shat)

Mo-chun-e Po Shat asked Sakyamuni Buddha, the reason of Kun-sai-yin Po Shat (Avalokiteshvara) has been named as Kun-sai-yin?

Sakyamuni Buddha said:

When people chant, "Kun-sai-yin Po Shat", he will help them to overcome their immediate danger.

"Kuan" means Visualize.

"Sai-yin" means Universe sound.

He will also blend into whatever situation or a similar identity as those in order to guide them toward the Buddhism way.

Kuan-sai-yin Po Shat (Bodhisattva) spent countless years diligently cultivating self-realization. He realized that everything is not forever but is empty and illusory; why do we have to become attached to such temporary things?

Both Bodhisattvas and Buddhas follow this method to attain enlightenment.

Note: The picture of Kun-sai-yin Po Shat was man's face before, but change to woman's appearance later by the artists.